A 41-year-old worker has died on Wednesday after falling through an elevator shaft along eight floors while working in a building under construction on the Gran Vía in Madrid. The accident has occurred inside the number 29 of this street, a building built in 1920 and where the Casa del Libro is located. They are the works of what will be a future hotel of the Cristiano Ronaldo chain.

Labor inspection sources told the Labor Commissions union that there was a network “but that it has yielded.” “This should not have happened if all the security measures had been taken. They are going to roll heads because the company will have to point to a person in charge. That elevator shaft had to have been fenced and was not,” said some of the fellow workers, an extreme that the consulted union representatives could not confirm. When there is an elevator shaft in a construction site, there must be security measures such as a net or a railing, explained Workers’ Commission members.

The unions will concentrate on Thursday in Cibeles and read a manifesto against workplace accidents, as they usually do when an accident of this type occurs. With this, there are already 53 people killed in occupational accidents in the region since January, according to CCOO. Twelve of them were produced in building construction works.

The notice was received shortly before 11.00 in the morning, according to Emergencies Comunidad de Madrid 112. The Summa has only been able to confirm the death of the victim, who suffered from trauma and died immediately after falling from the sixth floor to Minus two. The firefighters of the Madrid City Council have rescued the body.

The construction company responsible for the hotel is in charge of the San Martín Company that subcontracted the deceased carpenter. According to the workers present after the accident, the worker was moving a closet with other colleagues inside one of the rooms when he rushed into the void. According to the union, there will be a trial to determine if the company that placed the network that protected the elevator shaft did so following all the protocols or if, on the contrary, there was negligence.

More accidents in the construction

According to data released on Monday by the Community of Madrid, nine workers lost their lives in September in occupational accidents, five of them and the rest during the day, two of them due to falling in height, another due to a crash with an object and other due to a nontraumatic pathology.

Also, according to the regional government, between January and September, there were 68,897 occupational accidents, 82.6% during the working day, and the rest  which represent 1% less than in the same period of 2018. CCOO highlights the decrease in accidents throughout the year in almost all sectors of activity, except in the construction sector, which – he says – “continues to have a very negative behavior: total accidents have increased by 13.4%, and fatalities are they have doubled, which has meant the death of 6 more workers, going from 5 the year before to 11 in this year.”

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